Campus Radio is the flux capacitor that makes time travel possible back to the era of watching '120 Minutes' when MTV was actually cool. One listen to these fellas from North Dallas & you'll be instantly transported to the heyday of true independent music from stateside, to across the pond, and all points in between. Music that was lovingly written and recorded by artists so diverse & varied that mainstream media had to label it "alternative" because it couldn't be self-contained in a nice, neat, commercial-friendly package. It was Rock, Ska, Punk, Folk, Industrial, and Blues all rolled into one disturbingly ambiguous sweet melody. Sonorous keyboards swirled around jangling guitars, and driving beats moved songs laced with the words of poets. It was and will always be... Campus Radio.



Brad Avants

Lead Guitar/Keyboard Magic

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Chris Werner

Drums/Vocals/Shoe inspections

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Jason Forno

Bass/Vocals/Not taking song requests

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Jeff Cly

Lead Vocals/

A Little Guitar/Shenanigans

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Josh Young

Keyboards/Guitar/Vocals/ Dirty Jokes

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Kat Hackett

Lead Vocals/ Percussion/Dancing

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