“Joshua The Great” credits years of practicing ‘If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood’ on piano thanks to his mom paying for lessons, as pay off with him picking up the keys again. A self taught guitarist, he played the likes of Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth and Slayer on a black Squire Strat that he still owns in addition to 11 other guitars and his keyboard. Josh’s obvious influences are J Mascis, Robert Smith, Lee Ranaldo, and Adam Franklin (Swervedriver), but he’s known to throw on some Journey or Styx and loves it shamelessly.  He remembers his first concert being The Jacksons when Michael got back together with his brothers and did the Victory Tour because “it was just the thing to see”, despite not being a fan.  While everybody in his neighborhood went for at least one of the shows being nearby in Kansas City, once was enough for him. After that, the first actual rock concert he attended was Heart with his brother.  Shooting Star opened, a local KC band who had received some degree of national attention and who he was really into at the time.  Josh joined the band because he loved the proposed set list, but wonders what the demand for this type of music will be like in 5 or 10 years. Of course, his cousin whom hadn’t seen him in 20 years came out for Campus Radio’s first gig… which is hopefully a testament to the timeless love the Dallas area has for college radio.