Self-proclaimed front man and carnival barker, Jeff got into music in 7th grade when he discovered what 9 out of 10 young musicians cite as their reason for starting a band: girls dig guys in bands. Though attention from girls (who would otherwise not have given him the time of day) and free drinks were fun, ultimately the love of performing and love of music became the real drivers.  Muses and Miller Lites as motivators have given way to music as a form of good therapy and for providing moments like watching his son with autism dance for the first time to a song that he and a friend wrote.  While the “grownups” let him rock out a little on acoustic guitar, his main equipment would be his pipes which easily and effortlessly adapt to vocal ranges from Morrissey to Robert Smith to Ian Astbury. His first concert may have been an Osmond’s concert, but his first “real rock” concert was Foreigner for the 4 tour and the first song he learned to play on guitar was Bittersweet by Big Head Todd and the Monsters. His musical inspirations jump from James Brown to Prince to David Lee Roth, but he finds the fact that Bono reached the pinnacle of rock stardom without going down a path of booze and drugs, instead parlaying his star power into doing great things for mankind, most admirable. Joining Campus Radio was a result of simply loving the music, but he now looks forward to forming solid friendships with his band mates in addition to keeping a steady booking schedule with a 100 song catalogue. Jeff admits to completely forgetting lyrics and making up his own a few times without anyone knowing (or so he thinks) and knows no embarrassment on stage.  He may however, attempt to invoke embarrassment in others by pointing out the beauty of his fiancé in the audience or making jokes as to what Josh might be doing backstage between sets...

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