Jason’s first guitar was a six-string electric "Winston" guitar with only one pick-up and 17 frets. It was a sunburst guitar that sounded as terrible as it looked and he smashed it on stage at a talent show in 10th grade. Since then, he’s tried his hand at drums, piano, trumpet, harmonica, singing and finally settled on bass as a main focus for his current musical endeavors. Jason’s mother took him to his first concert, Huey Lewis & The News, the Fore Tour in Tampa, Florida back in 1987 because he was obsessed with ‘Back to the Future’.  He says Chris Hayes is the real reason he first wanted a guitar, but The Edge is the reason he actually bought one. After playing with several bands playing original music in Florida, Jason relocated to Texas and in a sea of tribute and cover bands, recognized the need for one that catered to college radio.  As de facto band manager for Campus Radio, his vision for the future is that his son gets to try out for the band someday. Music has been the single unifying thread that has bound his life's events together: Whether it was a song written to a girl he was trying to swoon, a band he's running, or transcribing the notes to an Avett Brothers song to have added to the wedding cake the day he married his best friend, wife and single biggest cheerleader of all his creative enterprises. Jason is also the founding member, bassist and manager of both Alt_Nation (90's Alternative) and The Garage Underground (60's Garage/Beat) and is working on growing his Live Sound/DJ business in between band rehearsals, music lessons and his son's homework.