Once dropping a bass on his foot so hard that his “big toe basically exploded”, Christopher Gordon Nebuchadnezzar Werner likes to live in the present and thinks some of his fondest musical memories have been made with Campus Radio. Hailing from Canada, he started playing music in 6th grade upon moving to Texas with his family. Chris played a Tama snare for a concert orchestra back in the day, but currently drums on a 90's vintage Yamaha Stage Custom 5-piece, outfitted with Zildjian hats, 14" and 16" Zildjian crashes, and some off-brand old clapped out rock ride that he loves for its own strange sound. His favorite drummer is Steve Gadd citing “technical, lyrical, ethnic, straight up - the guy does it all amazingly well. Plus, anyone who came up with the beat that made ‘50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’ what it is was always going to be a hero.” He also admires Zigaboo Modeliste from The Meters because the definition of less is more, and he leans farther back in the pocket than just about anyone out there; so far back, you sometimes wonder if he's going to forget the backbeat. For a long time Chris was influenced by anything Rush recorded (surprise!), but as time went on, he started listening to more jazz and funk in particular. Upon first hearing Parliament, he says his “head blew clean off” and since then has tried to play more laid back instead of super-technical, ending up a more musical drummer as a result. Chris is thankful for the support of girlfriend and guest vocalist, Kat Hackett, who’s encouragement is the sole reason he tried out for Campus Radio and his parents for babysitting and helping him not miss practice. He’d love to see the band develop into the go-to band for anyone wanting a great 80’s band that stays away from all the “crappy music” the 80’s had to offer.