Oddly enough, Brad began his music career playing keyboards and most would have never guessed that he didn’t pick up a guitar until his mid-twenties, first learning to play Driver 8 by R.E.M.  He’s now proficient with not only guitar and keyboards, but also bass and mandolin. He thanks his wife for supporting his music addiction by putting up with the long practices, loud amps, multiple absences, and of course the money sinkhole that is music for years. But thanks to her, his drool worthy collection includes a tobacco sunburst USA Fender Strat with a rosewood neck, a black on black USA Fender Strat with maple neck he assembled himself, a natural ash Fender Telecaster he assembled himself, a black Gretsch DuoJet w/Bigsby and a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop reissue, just to name a few.  Brad’s first musical instrument was a black Peavy Predator that he bought used from a music store in Garland, which he still owns today. In high school, Brad risked the cops being called while recording punk rock songs in his garage. His father, a high school trombone player, took him and his brother to their first concert: Styx - Paradise Theater Tour.  Until recently, his dad would continually ask, “Do ya’ll still listen to the Sticks?”  Of course, The Edge from U2 is one of his favorite guitarists due to his truly unique style and the fact that he pioneered the use of delay as a tool instead of a gimmick.  Brad also loves Neil Finn as a songwriter, crediting him as one of the greatest pop songwriters of all time and a great musician. By next year, he hopes to be able to watch large crowds dance themselves crazy while Campus Radio plays sweet 80's college rock.